Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Summer - 2017

The beginning of summer has come leaving Spring of 2017 behind to new summer days.  My niece is graduating grade 12 this year and it makes me realize how quickly the time has gone by since the first time I saw her beautiful face.  She will now be on her way to making her own life as many young graduates do.

Summer is also a time to relax and take some time off to enjoy the warm season.  Perhaps at home or camping or visiting other places towns or cities.  Beautiful flowers in gardens have been appearing to remind us of how wonderful our world is and pleasing to the eye.  Children will be out of school very soon too for the summer so enjoy their time as they grow up fast, graduate and make a life of their own.

To all of you out there .... have a marvelous summer and do something special!!

And to all Graduates out there.... Congratulations and Best Wishes in the next stage of your life.